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A17. Lama, 9.7 cm, Kagyu school, Tibet 14th century, copper alloy and copper.

There are many schools and sub schools within Tibetan Buddhism. Unfortunately this sculpture of a Lama does not bear an inscription to indicate his name. However his attire and the mudras of his hands suggest that he is a member of the Pagdru Kagyu sub school of the Karma Kagyu.

The Lama is seated cross legged on a double lotus throne. His intricately modelled robes are chased and stippled with geometric patterns on the front and he wears a beautifully engraved abbot’s cape behind. The borders of the robes are inlaid throughout with copper engraved with a wave and dot pattern.

For Lamas of this type, see Dinwiddie, Portraits of the Masters, Serindia Publications Inc, Chicago, 2003, nos. 36, 42 and 43.
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