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A21. Krishna as Venugopala, 23 cms, Orissa, 17-18th century.

The great Indian God Vishnu has incarnated or manifested himself on earth on many occasions to assist during times of calamity. His eighth incarnation and arguably the most popular was as Lord Krishna. Venu is a Sanskrit word for a flute like musical instrument made of bamboo and Gopal is one of the many epithets for Krishna. Hence Venugopala.

Krishna stands in elegant triple flexion on a lotus throne of a design typical of Orissa and parts of Bengal. His hands are held in the position they would be if they held a venu or flute. He wears a necklace with central jewel, earrings of a design popular in Orissa for many centuries and a short dhoti. His crown is five pointed with the central point tallest.

This elegant sculpture shows all the features most typical of Orissan sculpture, heavy limbs, large oval eyes, flared nostrils and prominent dimple on the chin.
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