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This finely executed sculpture of a Sakya Lama identifies him only by the name Kunga. There were however several Sakya lamas bearing that name, so his exact identity is uncertain.

Lama Kunga is shown sitting in vajraparyankasana on a double lotus throne. His right hand held in front of his chest displays the mudra of vitarka or teaching while his left sits in his lap holding a triratna representing the three jewels of Buddhism, the Buddha, the Sangha or monastic community and the Dharma or Buddhist teachings. Kunga wears typical Sakya style robes and a Sakya hat with long lappets hanging down over his shoulders.

The robes are finely engraved with flowers, clouds and areas of stippling. Lotuses arising from the throne climb up his sides to flower at his shoulders, that on his right supporting a mala or rosary.

An inscription circling the bottom register of the throne has been translated by David Templeman as follows:

“Homage to Lokesvara! This wondrous Image of the One known as Kunga has been gifted to the major domo [head servant] known as Gyal with the most altruistic and pure aim that it will be of benefit to my own family and to all sentient beings, and it has been made so that (the person known as) Chophel Senge may eventually attain Buddhahood.. Through this virtuous act may I myself attain Buddhahood swiftly!”

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