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A5. Sword Hilt in the Shape of a Scorpion, 19.2 cm, Iron, Tibet Circa 16th century.

This extremely rare object once served as the hilt of a sword that would have been held in the right hand of a very large sculpture of Beg Tse.

The Tibetan Buddhist faith recognises many protector deities. Beg Tse is one of eight pre-eminent protectors or Dharmapalas.

Literally: Dharm the Buddhist law or canon and Pala protector of. The sword that this hilt formerly belonged to must have been very large and the whole sculpture exceedingly impressive. For a complete Beg Tse sword of later date see Spink,
Body, Speech and Mind, London 1998, no. 39.

Provenance: Alex Biencardi Collection, London, Paris, Sydney 1970s.
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